Regional Roundup

News from Bundaberg and surrounds

The Bundaberg Hummock- Its tops in Bundy.

The Hummock provides excellent views over the surrounding farmlands.

Baldwin Swamp Environmental Park

Numerous spots to drink in the peacefully healthy solitude.

Dive at one of Australia’s newest dive sites!

An hours travel from the Bundaberg port marina lies the wreck of the ex HMAS Tobruk in 30m of water.

Bundy's High Points

Go mountain climbing in Bundaberg Region! You must be joking! Read on....

A Passion for Adventure

Ron Healey of Bargara has visited over 60 countries. Here are some of his photos....

Go Mountain Climbing and Bush Walking

Spectacular exposed granite outcrops and cliffs rise to 703 metres above sea level.

Spend a night underwater on the reef

How would you like to spend a night underwater with the marine life in Lady Musgrave lagoon.

Local artist paints Bundy Book stands

Contemporary Aboriginal art on Bundy Book stands. A colourful welcome to Bundaberg to visitors.

The London Gazette- When Cook Set Sail

We go back to 1768 for some pages from the London Gazette. A very historical document.

New Tourist Queensland™ to help tourism industry

Our most crucial Tourist Queensland™ publication yet – one specifically for Kiwis. Coming in 2021

The turtles call Mon Repos near Bundaberg home.

Mon Repos is home to the largest concentration of nesting Loggerhead Turtles in the South Pacific.

Avocadoes - A Fad Food or Fair Dinkum Tucker!

Get smashed on avocado from Bundy- a great place to grow avocadoes.