Regional Roundup

News from Bundaberg and surrounds

1770 FESTIVAL IN 2024

The Foods On Top Of The Sandy Loam is the title of the festival

Know Your Candidate

Here are two more candidates for this year's Bundaberg Regional Council Elections in March 2024.

Bundaberg Council Elections - March 2024

Meet two more candidates who will be standing for election at the March Local Gov. Election

Know Your Candidate

Meet two more candidates who are standing for election to Bundaberg Regional Council

Who do you want to run our council?

We asked candidates who will stand for their division at the Bundaberg Regional Council Election.

Map of Australia from 1753

Here is a map of Australia 17 years before Cook discovered the East Coast

Australia- Did you know.....

Fun and interesting facts about our country

Bundaberg’s Kennedy Bridge has been awarded an Eng

It was built to replace the dilapidated timber bridge built on the same site in 1878.

A Sticky Situation

A truck carrying molasses took a turn for the worst when it rolled over around 6 o’clock on Saturday

Lifeline for those with chronic illness

Meilene Residential Aged Care Home in Bundaberg has completed the redevelopment.

Local Artist Shows Her Talents

This Contemporary Indigenous artist continues to set the world on fire

Our new King came to Bundy

A few years ago our new King paid a visit to Bundaberg and here he is on our Bundy Book cover.