Our locals come from many countries

Many of our Bundaberg residents are from different countries and one of them is David Duong from South Vietnam.


We will let him tell you his story.

“I escaped Vietnam in a boat with 22 other people.

We spent three days crammed together in this boat before we reached Thailand. I stayed in Thailand for two years.

I arrived in Australia as a refugee and lived in Melbourne before coming to Bundaberg, where my friends and I own a farm on Ashfield Road.

I sell my produce at various farmers markets, including Gin Gin, Hervey Bay, Gladstone and Gympie.

Ninety-eight per cent of the customers who buy from my roadside stall are honest, but I’ve had others break into my money box with hammers and even a chainsaw!

I don’t remember the Vietnam War because I was very young, but my family tell me horrific stories.

I return to Vietnam regularly to visit my family, but Bundaberg is now my home.”