Baldwin Swamp Environmental Park



This is a hidden haven of peace to head for during your city sight-seeing, a natural wetland in south east Bundaberg with access (including wheelchair) from several different streets. Boardwalks and walking tracks lead to a Bush Chapel and shelter shed among abundant natural resources and wildlife including over 150 bird species (there’s a bird hide too) plus numerous spots to drink in the peacefully healthy solitude.

Expect to see waterbirds in and around the ponds, doves and quails feeding on the ground, finches and fairy-wrens flitting back and forth across the paths, Dollarbirds and Rainbow Bee-eaters hawking overhead and nesting bazas and goshawks.

It’s not hard to find 40-50 species in an hour’s stroll as there has been over 150 species recorded here before the floods and the numbers are slowly getting back to what they were.

There are several entrances but the 2 easiest are off Steindl St opposite Steptoe St, and George St.