Bundy's High Points

                                         Go Mountain Climbing and Bush Walking

The highest point close to Bundaberg is the Hummock. From the top of the hummock look south west and you will see Mount Walsh.

You can drive to the top of the Hummock but you have to walk to the summit of Mount Walsh and the fantastic views make it worthwhile.

Moira Thompson of Biggenden will take you on a walk/climb of Mount Walsh.

Moira says that no ropes are needed but hand over hand climbing is required for the last part.

The exposed granite outcrops, rugged ridges and steep forested slopes support a range of vegetation—from vine forests in sheltered pockets to scrubland and heath on rock pavements and open eucalypt and woodlands. Look for peregrine falcons soaring overhead, lace monitors sunning on rocks and saw-shelled turtles in the creeks.

Moira conducts off track bushwalks in Mount Walsh, Woowoonga and Coalstoun Lakes National Parks. Moira’s father Harry Frauca wrote 35 books on Australan wildlife and has had three insects named after him. They are a fly, wasp and cockroach and all live at Mount Walsh. Who knows you may see one!

Phone Moira at 0458 365 051 for bushwalking details.

                                      Photo on top of Mt Walsh

Spectacular exposed granite outcrops and cliffs rise to 703 metres above sea level in this rugged park.



New Summit Walk Promises Outstanding Views

A new walk to the peak of Mount Perry has been introduced to allow hikers the opportunity to experience the natural beauty of the area. A 6.9-kilometre round trip, the walk traces through various vegetation including open woodlands and dry rainforests to the 740 metre peak, the highest in the Mount Perry Resource Reserve.

With over 200 plant species and abundant wildlife including wallabies, echidnas and koalas, this walk offers breathtaking views of the Mount Perry township and Mount Rawdon mine, with glimpses of the Burnett River.

Classified as a level 3 track, which is suitable for most ages and fitness levels, this walk will take approximately 4-5 hours to complete and is a must do for visitors and local alike.

For more information, please visit: https://mtperrycdb.com.au/mt-perry-summit-walk/

Below is a view of the mountains at Mount Perry.