1770 FESTIVAL IN 2024




The Foods On Top Of The Sandy Loam is the title of the festival and it will be held from mFriday 24th May to Sunday 26th May at the SES Grounds, Captain Cook Drive, Seventeen Seventy.

This year it will be spotlighting local foods and produce from the local region .

Picture a parade that showcases the beauty of our native trees, the presence of local wildlife, and vibrant colours that represent the month of May.

The town of Seventeen Seventy is so named because on 24 May in that year, Lieutenant James Cook, captain of His Majesty's barque HMS Endeavour, came ashore and landed on the beach of Round Hill Creek in the vicinity of the present village.

In the morning of Thursday May 1770, the Lieutenant in his pinnace (with Mr Joseph Banks and Dr Daniel Solander) and Second Lieutenant John Gore in the yawl left the ship for the shore and made their first landing in what is now Queensland and their second landing in Australia. Cook made eleven landings on the eastern seaboard and ten of these were in Queensland. Cook's landing spot at Bustard Bay was in the vicinity of the present caravan park (developed in 1978), where a stream at the southern end enters the beach just north of the remaining mangroves.[1]

Cook described the countryside as "visibly worse" than at Botany Bay, with dry and sandy soils, woods free of undergrowth, the same sort of numerous "birch" tree (coastal ironbark), mangroves skirting the lagoon and palm trees on low, barren, sandy places. He also noted bustards, black and white ducks, small oysters and other shell fish - mussels, pearl oysters and cockles.[1]