Know Your Candidate

Who do you want to run our council?

The next Local Government elections will be held on Saturday 16 March 2024.

We asked candidates who had announced their intentions to stand for their division at the Bundaberg Regional Council election in March to introduce themselves to readers.

Go to our website for two more candidates who have nominated.

                 Greg Barnes Division 5


Greg Barnes has been an enthusiastic and staunchly independent Councillor for some 24 years.

Supported by his wife Issy, his primary focus has been on protecting the coastal lifestyle and providing face-to-face consultation and transparency for the wider community. His 10 years record of operating a weekly voluntary Consultation Desk stands in testimony.

He has never been afraid of asking the hard questions or challenging injustices.

To him, Integrity Matters.

Greg now seeks your support for his 7th term as your representative.

                                Joe Zietsman Division 1



My name is Johannes Zietsman and people call me "Joe". I come from South Africa, arriving in Australia in 2001.

When I lived in Berrigan in New South Wales I ran the local post office and was involved in the Lions’ Club.

In 2005 I moved to Bendigo Victoria where I was involved with the CFA.

In 2020 I moved to Queensland and in 2021 started my own business (JAZ Authentic South African Food). I feel that I can do more for the community.