Should the Scooters Stay of Go

For almost 12 months Neuron Scooters have been available for Bundaberg and Bargara for residents and visitors to ride.

In April 2022 Bundaberg Regional Council will decide after the 12 month trial period if they will stay or go.

The Bundy Book and Bundaberg Public Notices conducted a survey to gauge public feeling with a whopping 80% of respondents voting Yes, for Scooters to Stay; 20% for them to go.

Results have been given to the Council to assist in their deliberations.

Comments for the “No” vote

“they are an eyesore, everywhere you look”

“users have no consideration for other footpath users and there’s no policing of the rules regarding their use. Sooner they’re gone the better Bargara will be”

“a public nuisance, accident waiting to happen, number of rule breaches is scary; if anyone has been fined I’d be amazed”

“a law unto themselves. Not wearing helmets, holding a baby while riding, one rule for them, another for everyone else”

“numerous times I’ve removed them from across footpaths; anyone on mobility scooter or in a wheelchair has no chance of getting past them”

Comments for the “Yes” vote

there’s no taxi service in Bargara { only via Bundy) so it’s an alternative for travel from A to B in Bargara”

“best thing to happen to Bargara!”

“attracting younger families to the area and getting people outdoors.”

“great transport for people travelling a short distance”

“great way to get around for people, whether on holidays or getting to work”

Thank you to the many hundreds of readers who responded to the survey.